Setting the CC Text Size

Hi there, the new CC function is really great in Storyline 360. However, when we publish the file, the CC text size is pretty small. We have adjusted the size % in the player options to 175% which increases all the other text in the player, but does not increase the size of the text in the captions.

Am I missing something? Is there another menu to select the size of the CC text?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bill!

The player font size should apply to your closed captions as well as you can read in this documentation. If you need us to take a look at anything, please share your .story file.

If you wish to submit a feature request for this to be handled differently, please be sure to share your use-case and details here.

Bill Larocque

Thanks for the replies Leslie and Alyssa. I do know how the caption sizing is supposed to work, unfortunately in this particular file, the CC size stays very small. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that the project was created in an earlier version of 360. If I create new files, the CC size responds as it should with the % increase. I may need some kind of hack to the published file to fix it.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bill,

The caption font should increase along with the player font, no matter if the file was created with Storyline 360 or an earlier version of Storyline.

Would you mind if our team had a look at your file? You can send it over to us by clicking here. And if you can let me know your case number, I'll follow along, too!

Bill Larocque

:( Spoke too soon. When we brought it into the new file - it was published as HTML5 with a Flash fallback. When we publish as Flash only the CC size goes back to being small.

Looks like that is the issue - the text size will increase or decrease if published to HTML5 but not with Flash. Which is what we will need to publish to for JAWS readers.