Setting the right dimensions of a Project


I want to know about the best practices of setting a course dimension in Storyline. I want the set size to make the course appear fit in the browser of both laptop and mobile devices. Recently, I created a course in Storyline with the Story size 780 X 540. It appeared well and fit on my laptop but when I viewed it on a Samsung tablet then major portion of it was falling outside the screen. What should I do to make the course convenient and working for every device.


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Nalin Dubey

Other products like iSpring Presenter 7, Captivate and Lectora are providing perfect outputs fitting automatically in every device. Why is this not the case with Articulate..? Most people these days are using Android tablets and mobile phones. I am not using any LMS, I am only hosting my course on Google Drive.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nalin,

As Phil mentioned, we don't officially support Android, although you'll find users discussing how to play courses on Android devices here in the forums.  Click here to review the system requirements for authoring and viewing Storyline content.

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.

In regards to the player browser settings, there is also a great tutorial here on how to change those settings.