setting timeframe to complete activity

I am creating a set of questions within storyline, to set up a rhythm interpretation activity for trainee doctors

example question:

Your patient has collapsed, CPR is in progress, and you attach a defibrillator.  Select a rhythm screen to identify each rhythm.  When you click on each rhythm it will be displayed for 15-20 seconds during which time you must select whether it is either ‘shockable’ or ‘not shockable’.  The rhythm and options will disappear after 20 seconds.

Firstly can the timing feature be done in storyline or would it be better to set it up in Quizmaker?

Both the video and selection buttons will either disappear or turn inactive if the selection isnt made withing the 15 seconds.

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thanks if you can assist

cheers Kate

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Simon Perkins

Hi Kate

There are a few ways to implement a timer; using a results slide (with accompanying notes), a digital custom timer courtesy of a community user here and another one.

Hopefully those will give you some ideas.

If you're looking for something different then let us know and one of us will no doubt be able to create something. 

Kate Jurd

Thanks very much Simon..I went through the steps of  your result slide suggestion...from what I gather the timer can only be set up for the whole quiz, and not individual if you use up the specified time on the first question, then the following quesitons cant be answered...In my scenario the user has 15 seconds to assess the rhythm, and if they dont do it in that time, the patient they cant access that question again, but can move to the next patient, with the same time constraints. I guess you could add a results slide after each question and set the timer...or is there another way??


Kevin Thorn

Hi Kate,

If it's only 15-20 seconds per slide, why not just create subtle visual graphic timer for the 15 seconds.

Here's a quick setup to demonstrate. The idea is to put the timer on a Master Slide. The benefit is each time a new content slide loads, the Master Slide's timeline begins again so you don't need to set each slide's properties to reset. Conversely, if you wanted to Resume Saved State, the Master Slide timer will remember "that" slides timer spot (Slide 2 in the attached example is Resume Saved State).

Simple. Elegant. And great for short timers. I've built several variants to this and have found 30 seconds to be about the maximum as it becomes too *busy* graphically after that length.

You can also assign variables to the Master Slide shapes to track a specific amount of time lapsed per slide when the user clicks Next or Submit. With those variables you could expand by showing the user's time compared to the overall allotted time on a Results slide and/or an average time per question slide.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Thorn

Yes, just set the slide to automatically advance when the timeline ends. The timeline is set to 15 seconds so if they don't make a choice the slide will jump to the next slide.

Yikes on the error message. Did you by chance remember what the message said? I just opened it again and it's fine on my end. Saved over it and attached here again. Hopefully this one will open for you.