Setting to Mark Course Complete in Articulate Storyline 2

Nov 17, 2016

Hello all,

My team and I are creating modules in Articulate Storyline 2 to upload to an LMS (Coursemill).  We have a post assessment quiz at the end of the module.  We have the triggers set in storyline on the results slide in the following ways:

If the user fails once, the user can retake the quiz.

If the user fails twice, the user must restart the module to take the quiz.

If the user fails three times, the user has exhausted his attempts. 

To exit the course the user must press the Complete button (there is a trigger set for this).  We are noticing when the modules are uploaded to the LMS that after failing the quiz 3 times, the Module is still marked as incomplete and the user can go back in and retake the course in order to pass the quiz.  Is there a setting in Storyline 2 that we can utilize to mark the course as complete after passing the quiz or exhausting the quiz attempts?  I assume it is a setting in the player.


Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Andita:

The setting you describe for course completion is accessible via your Quiz Results and Publishing settings.

There are four possible settings for completion that interact with your LMS, so you may need to change the setting, publish, and test on your LMS before you find the correct one.

You can find this via the HOME Tab in Storyline 2 or 360, choosing PUBLISH, then CLICKING the REPORTING AND TRACKING Button.

Ideally, you need to connect your Course's Completion state to a Quiz Results Slide. 

If you haven't already done this, add a Quiz Results Slide from the INSERT Tab to the same Scene as your Question Bank Draw (typically it follows the QB Draw), and then tweaking the BASE, SUCCESS, and FAILURE layers to display the appropriate messages and direction paths you wish to provide at these checkpoints.

Under the LMS Reporting option, you have a drop-down menu which allows you to select one of four choices.  These settings influence how your completed Quiz and Results Slide will communicate with your LMS and handle the Completion Status accordingly.

Hope this helps!


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