Setting triggers for when all drag items are dropped


I'm creating a drag and drop, where only one item can be dropped onto each of the 6 targets. I want to disable the submit button until all of the 6 items have been dropped. I changed the state of each item to selected when dropped, which would have worked, however, because an item gets swapped out again if another item is dropped on the same target, people can use the submit button before I'm ready for them to. Does anyone have advice on what I can do?

Additionally, I have the drag items set so that they are revealed one at a time, but again when an item is swapped out it appears on top of the next one which looks messy. Is there a way around this?

Thank you - from an articulate novice!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Louise!

I'd love to help! You should be able to set a trigger to determine when the submit button appears. You could even add a variable too!

It's easier for me to offer advice on triggers when I see the file. Would you mind attaching your file to this discussion? Or you can share the file with me privately by using this link. Either way, I'm happy to investigate!

Louise Clarke

Thank you Lauren! I am sharing the file using the link as there's confidential info there :)

I've set a trigger for the submit button, so the state changes to normal when all the objects are dropped. The difficulty is that an object can be sent back if another is put on the same target so the task isn't complete but the submit button is still activated...