Setting up graded quizzes with required percentage --with odd numbers of questions


I have 2 assessments, 1 with 19 questions and the other with 11 questions. The learner only gets 1 chance to take each assessment (separately) and must get 90% correct on each. How do I assign points to each question evenly?


Any help would be really appreciated--NOT a math whiz at ALL.  :)


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Louise Cruz

Hi Julie,

Articulate Storyline supports scoring for every correct response and incorrect response. You can even use negative point values for incorrect responses to give learners more nuanced scoring.

You can equally assign scores (points) among the 19 questions. Just make sure the total of all these points add up equal to the perfect score.

Please visit our Community Article on Assigning a Score to Graded Questions. It works even for odd-numbered quizzes!

Should you need further assistance, please send me a message or reply via this thread.




Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julie! 

No worries on not being a math whiz--just let Storyline do the math for you! 

To keep things simple, I would set each question as 1 point. Then on each result slide, set the passing score to 90%.

Storyline will do the math and let learners know whether they passed or failed, based on the number of points they received.

Give it a try, and let me know if you have any more questions about that!