Setting up multiple triggers for objects

I have a course with a "menu" page. You can select where you want to go to start the course by selecting one of the images. The image is a grouped object of text and image. I have two triggers set up for clicking on the grouped object.

  • Picture within object should change states - to show user has clicked there if they return to slide.
  • Jump to specific scene within course.

Right now the jump to scene is working, but the changing state is not. I have played with the order of the triggers and it doesn't seem to change the outcome.

Could it be that it is a grouped object and that is why the state won't change?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Karyn!

I created a quick sample file to show you how you can make this work! There are two things you'll want to do:

  1. The state of the picture within the object should be called Visited. Visited is a default state in Storyline, so it'll automatically change when clicked without a trigger.
  2. Remove the "change state" trigger from your trigger panel.

Take a look at the sample I put together, and let me know if this helps!

Rocco Sciulli

I have a similar situation. I inserted a image on the base layer of a slide, Selecting that image will Show  Layer 1. I would like to simultaneously have a caption appear next to the image when the image is selected. The initial state of the caption is hidden and I would like its state to change to normal, when the image it visited. I've tried this with the Visited State option on the image and then adding a trigger on the image to show the layer. I have also put 2 triggers on the image, one to allow the caption to appear and another to show the layer. No luck with either method. Any hints? Thank you.

Walt Hamilton

If you are clicking the image and showing a layer, you are doing exactly what the built-in Visited state and its triggers was created to do. It is not working because your triggers are creating a conflict that it cannot resolve.

1. Put the text you want to appear in a textbox and copy it.

2. Edit the state of the image, and create a state named Visited.

3. Paste the textbox in the visited state, and Bob's your uncle.

Create a trigger to show the layer in question when user clicks the image. When the image becomes visible again, (or immediately if the layer doesn't cover it) the image will be in the visited state and the caption will show. Any triggers you add that reference the visited state will mess up that built-in function.

Rocco Sciulli

Hi Walt,

Thanks for your quick reply. I followed all the steps that you indicated and still do not see the text box on the Visited State of my image when I preview the slide.

For Step 1, did you intend to say “Copy” the textbox. This leaves it on the base layer. Did you intend to say, cut it?

Also, I’m a bit confused on Step # 3: Paste the textbox in the visited state, and Bob's your uncle.


Rocco Sciulli

Hi Walt,  Your video makes sense, and obviously, it works. I did those steps. The only difference is that instead of hiding the layer, I created a Go Back button. Then... on the Base Layer Slide Properties I set the: "When revisiting" setting to: "Resumed saved state". That was the cure. I mean, Bob's your uncle. Your hiding step tipped me off on what I had to adjust.
Thanks for your solution and for being patient with me. :)