Setting up my final layout and need help with triggers/ordering

Oct 19, 2015

Hey, so I am at the stage where I have nearly completed one project and need to set it in the order it will be on the website. I have about 20 scenes I need to trigger (?) so they all run together when the user hits the "next" button. I got the first 2 scenes together by clicking on this little blue paper clip/link symbol but now it's gone and I cannot get the others to form down vertically. Any suggestions?

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Glenn Jones

Have you tried setting which page the Next button targets?  If you adjust the trigger on the Next button within each page you can get the learners to go all over the place, not just in the order you created the slides.

If you're talking about changing the order the slides show up in the menu, you can do that from within the Player Settings window.

Or, have I totally missed the point here? :)

Walt Hamilton

If you are talking about reordering the slide order in the story view pane,please be aware that that order is in no way related to how your user will move through the course. It does make some of those of us who are OCD feel better, but the user never sees it, and it has no effect on user navigation.

Go to the story view pane, and drag slide 1 from scene 2 to just below the last slide in scene 1 (you'll see a little blue arrow. When you release it, it will probably jump back to its original spot, but now it is connected to the next button. When the user clicks next, they will jump to scene 2, slide 1.

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