Setting up software demo so clue appears before the click

I'd like to create a software demo/simulation so that the comment, with the clue saying "Click here..." will appear before the person clicks. This is a great way to teach people to use a software by guiding them through for hands-on experience---not just for knowledge checks. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to do this with Storyline. Am I missing something, or can the parameters be set up before recording? And/or can they be changed globally, after recording, to have the timing of the comment come in before the click/trigger. It's very labor-intensive to make this change for every trigger. Any ideas?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Carla,

Funny you should mention this. I was working on a project yesterday where I wanted to display the Hint Caption after X number of tries. And I was thinking on creating a Screenr for my solution. In the meantime, here are steps for a solution for you and for what I did.

To start the hint caption immediately

  • Double-click on the Show Layer Hint Caption in the triggers panel
  • Change it so the layer shows when the timeline starts

Display the Hint Caption after "X" number of tries

  • Create a number variable for the number of attempts
  • On the Try Again layer, add a Trigger to the Try Again button that adds 1 to each attempt
  • Add another Trigger that shows the Hint Caption layer when the attempts is greater than or equal to X number of tries (I used 3). The reason you need greater than is that even after the "last" attempt, the Learner may not get it right.
  • I also needed to add a trigger to the base layer of each slide to set the Attempt count back to 0 when the timeline started