Setting up triggers on slide master doesn't translate to slides

I wanted to have a toggle switch on my slides to turn audio on and off. Rather than recreate all the triggers and state changes on each slide I created the toggle on a master slide. However, when I add new slides the functionality is not there. I can see the toggle and the state changes work, but I'm not able to assign an audio file to the toggle on each slide. 

Do I have to recreate it on every slide?

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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Jeni!

Thanks for walking us through your goal, and great question. The slide master can toggle a variable on/off, where you'll need to create triggers to perform an action based on the value of the variable at the slide level.

Check out this short recording to see the process of using a toggle button on the slide master with a variable to control slide level content. I'm also attaching the .story file below if you'd like to explore the structure.

If that's not quite right, are you comfortable with sharing your source file for a closer look?