Setting Variables in Preview mode

Jul 23, 2015


I'm making pretty extensive use of variables these days , mostly to allow multiple paths through a course.

However I'm finding it somewhat annoying that I often have to preview the entire story as a decision that sets the variable might be made very early one and impact a slide late into the course.

For instance I have an option on the second slide they see that allows them to take the course in 'overview mode'

When I'm building and testing out a single slide later on if I want to see how it would look in overview mode then I have to preview the whole story and get at least to the setting slide so I can set the variable before using the menu to jump to the slide I'm testing.

It would be nice to be able to set a variable in the preview mode maybe by a menu option in the preview player.

Do other folks encounter this and do any of you have a work around that you use?



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