Settings to failed or passed status for LMS


we built a training with a final test. This can be repeated three times. If I don't pass the first test, a failed status is sent directly to the LMS. Unfortunately, the LMS is not able to overwrite this status with "passed". Therefore, the training is never set to "passed", even if I pass the final test in the second or third attempt. Is there a possibility in Storyline that the status "failed" will not be sent until I have failed the test three times?

Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thomas.  When Storyline resets the results of the quiz and submits the new results to the LMS, that status should be updated, like you expect.

I'd like us to figure out if there's an issue with your file, your LMS or if we have a bug with those reporting statuses.  With your permission, could we take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening? You can connect with our support engineers here.  We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. 

Thomas Knoblauch

Hi Crystal. Thank you for the answer. The status transfer works. I tested it in another LMS, everything is working fine. It's a problem from the LMS. So my question was whether you could turn off the status transfer for the first two attempts. Otherwise we had to change the status from failed/passed to complete/incomplete. Then it will work again.

Crystal Horn

Hi Thomas - thanks for clarifying what you need answered.  I'm sorry that I didn't address that piece earlier!  There isn't a setting to suppress reporting the first two attempts of the quiz, but I have a workaround idea for you.

Try moving the trigger to "submit results" from the base layer of the results slide to the success layer.  It sounds like you only need those results reported to the LMS if the learner passes, if you're willing to suppress the failed attempts.

I'm not sure if this will help you account for a learner failing 3 times.  Let me know what you think!