Severe lag when image is on the slide

I will try to explain what is happening to the best of my abilities.

first of all it happens in all our machines. we have windows 7 Professional and articulate storyline 1.


when an imported image is placed or being edited(crop, resize, move, arrange)

articulate "hangs"- mouse movements becoming very slow and delayed.

when on a slide there is a text box and an imported photo( 4 pegapixels for example) the delay will happen in editing the text box and the image...once the image(any we tried to reduce image size, compress it ect) is removed the lag, delays are gone.

also, it happens in all our machines, all have different terryte HDDs, different manufacturers, same OS same version(updated) of articulate - as ssoon we move to edit a slide with an imported image - the HDD starts "roaring" like it is a car trying to move extra heavy load uphill.

this tremendously delays our development times. can these be corrected-- we also have the very first version of the articulate storyline that we got initially - the delay has been happening ever since.

we simultaneously opened the task manager to see the impact on the memory - it was awfulas soon as we move to the slide with image the CPU processes increase by 35-55%. thank you

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