Hello. I'm in the middle of a project on Articulate Storyline 2 and something really strange has happened that I can't figure out. I have a slide with over 50 layers in it with each one having a shader covering a background picture. Yesterday they were working just fine but now none of them are showing when I preview the slide. I have them placed correctly in the timeline and made sure that they were not hidden. They show up when I am working on each layer, but when I go into preview mode they are no longer there. When I tried to adjust the transparency of the rectangle shape to 0% it was still transparent. Obviously whenever I normally have the transparency set to 0% it is a solid color rectangle. I know I should probably just make a new shader and apply it to the layers but this would take a lot of time since I have a lot of transitions and animations which affect the shader. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Ali Goulet

Hey Ken-- That does sound strange, I apologize for the frustration it must be causing! Are you working locally on your computer as described here? Working from a network or shared drive has a tendency to cause some wonky behavior in files. If you're working locally while experiencing this, importing your slides into a new file may resolve the issue.

Keep me posted on how that goes! :)