Shades of 'glow' in a pick many interaction


I have created my first pick many question. The selected state 'glow' is appearing differently for two out of my four images which I know has something to do with how I've created the images, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I have placed a grey border around each image, but in different ways:

  • Two are pure images with the grey border applied to the image. I selected the images as the items to be selected.
  • Two are composites of an image and a white square background. I applied the border to each background and chose each 'rectangle' as the items to be selected.

When the two rectangles were selected, they were showing a fainter glow than the two pure images. I then changed the rectangles/backgrounds to 'no fill' and then chose 'bring to front' in case that was the cause of the lighter glow. This has not helped. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I know I could muck around with screen grabbing the images and then using those (i.e. pure images), but I'm assuming that would make compromise the quality of the images. I'm guessing I could also probably do something in Photoshop, but most of what I've achieved in that program has been fluked!

Hope you can help.


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Will Bladon


Sorry slow reply- only just saw you had posted the file.

There were a few problems with it, I have uploaded a 'fixed' version for you.

The two that were appearing differently when selected, had grey shapes around them- I guess you did this to make them the same size as the other pictures to make it neat. However, as these were 'shapes' rather than pictures this was using a different effect for the 'selected' state.

The picture of the man pointing at the woman was a .png file- and had no background, which caused problems when the grey shape outline was removed.

To 'fix' it- I edited both pictures so that they were the same size as the other two- just added a white box behind them, and re-saved both as jpeg. Then used the format painter to copy the formatting off the other two pictures.

All looked ok to me.

Hope that helps (and not too late!)