Shape states not changing to match variable change (tabs interaction)

I have a series of "tabs" (they are just shapes) with a few different states, including disabled and a custom state of "completed."

When the learner first visits the tabbed page (with layers), they see tab 1 with layer 1. There's a quiz (different scene) accessible from this layer. Once the quiz is completed successfully, the learner select "exit quiz." They are re-directed back to the tabs home page.

Once the tab 1 (introduction) quiz is completed, the learner should now see tab 2 "normal" (switched from disabled), as well as seeing tab 1 in the "completed" state.

To do that, I set up a variable so that when the tab home page is opened, the variable reads false. When the learner selects on the "exit quiz" shape, the variable is reset to "true." This part seems to be working - I inserted a reference, and it changes from false to true.

However, I just cannot get the shapes to change shape. From the other forums, I (I hope!) made sure that the triggers were in the right order and that the slide plays from the beginning of the timeline.

I've attached some images below of the triggers/etc. Any help would be appreciated - I apologize if I'm missing information, I'm pretty new at this. I read all of your responses and am hoping one of your geniuses (does flattery work?) can help!



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Walt Hamilton

A quick guess is that the triggers "when variable changes" are the problem.  If the variables in question are changed on another slide, this slide doesn't know they are changed, and won't do anything.  Try something like "when timeline starts if variable is equal to..."


If that doesn't help, then, as Terry suggests, it is easier for someone to help if we can see the .story file.

Allison Van Beek

Here's the file! (Thanks for taking a look!) 

To test, you have to go to Introduction "begin" > Next: Introduction Quiz > take the quiz and click the "exit quiz" button. It's definitely annoying because you have to go through a quiz (which is why I didn't post it earlier). Hopefully you wanted to learn something about circuits today!

I'll try out the above and report back, too.