Shape states with Master slide and Layout layers

I created an org chart where the boxes have hover states that show information when you hover over them - like a tool tip.  Most of them have a few sentences of info in them which overlap adjacent boxes but disappear when not hovering. When you click on certain boxes you jump to another view of the chart with some boxes grayed out.

The main chart is on a Master Slide and the "gray maps" are on Layouts under the Master slide.  Up in the regular slide view I have slides that use the Layouts.  These contain invisible shapes that mask the gray boxes in the Layouts so they will not show the tool tip info.

On the "gray map" slides the tool tips work fine - appearing above the gray boxes but sometimes the tool tips appears behind adjacent gray boxes.  After puzzling over this and some trial and error I found that moving Timeline layers for boxes up or down the stack in the Master slide I could bring the box with its tool tip state above the gray boxes that covered them.

The only explanation I see is that Master slide and Layout layers are interrelated.  Maybe the Layer slides are actually external layers of the Master slide even though they look like they are independent slides.  The only thing is you can't locate them in the Master layer stack.  It takes trial and error to move them.  Are there any experts here who can explain the relationship between Master slide, Layout slides, and regular slides and   'Z' indexing?


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Phil Mayor

Anything that is on the top master slide is on every layout and is placed below anything on a layout.

I find it odd that by moving the layouts on the timeline you can bring it above the master layout (not something I have seen, it does intrigue me).

The regular slide content will then build on top of this.

Multimedia Group

That's what I'm finding. Shuffling layers in the Master or Layout slides can make items appear above or below items in the Layout slide.  And items in the hover state of objects on the Master slide will appear above or below items on the Layout slides.  However its hard to know how may timeline layers up or down to move an item to get the desired result. It almost seems random. Also working this way in Master slide is v-e-r-y slow as it seems that whatever you do recalculates something in the Layouts. There is serious latency between a mouse event and the action - 1 to 3 seconds.