Share template to non-Storyline users

I am charged with creating "branding" for a new project. I am to create the e-learning modules while others will create ILT materials, job aids, and marketing materials.

The template is created and everyone likes it.  

Now, I can't figure out how to move the colors, shapes, background, graphics, etc. into PowerPoint without completely re-doing it. I know we cannot export to PowerPoint. I see that we cannot cut/paste objects from Storyline to PowerPoint. 

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any time-saving tips you may have.

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Judy Nollet

Alas, the time-saving tip is to create the template in PPT first, and then import that into Storyline. Since you created the template in Storyline first, you will have to re-create it in PPT.

Depending on what it look likes, you might want to do a full-size screenshot of a given background, and paste that screenshot image into PPT. That might save a little time if the background includes multiple shapes and images. But you'd still have to set up the individual text boxes for filling in content.