SharePoint & Articulate Integration Tutorial / Guide

Mar 17, 2014

Hi all,

Despite what the title may allude too, I'm not asking for SharePoint and Storyline integration, I'm actually offering it!  I'm a SharePoint professional with some training colleagues that have recently picked up Articulate Storyline.  They've asked me if it's possible to integrate the two.

I've seen quite a few people here in the past have asked the same thing here, so I think the Articulate Community might benefit from something that I'm creating, a sort of start to end "how to" guide.  It'll be mostly aimed at SharePoint guys but with some tweaking, I can make it useful for everyone here.  I'm planning to cover the basics that have already been discussed and offered across various threads here, but with more attention different versions of SharePoint.

Some of your community members are also looking at the SharePoint Learning Kit within CodePlex, which I'm going to cover too.

I wanted to ask however, if anyone has any SCORM 2004 compliant Storyline files that they could share with me for this purpose.  I'll be happy to take any SharePoint questions if that'll help.  I only have so much time to throw at this and I'd like to avoid trying to create a SCORM 2004 compliant quiz / survey / whatever to get started.

Am happy to discuss either here or in private on if appropriate.


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