Sharepoint? -- Posting video to share with team


I'm making an online video for a project team, and am wondering if when I publish (using the publish to the web option) I can save to a SharePoint site so they can all view it? Or, basically if there is a way to share the published video (before it's posted to the site it will live) to people who may not have access to the same folder in our organization. Thanks!


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Tony Ludwikowski

I publish for web. Then I open SharePoint Designer and copy my course files into a directory I've created on our SharePoint site labeled "Courses". The course can now be found at https://our_intranet_site_name/courses/my_course/story.html

To get a completion eRoster of sorts, I add a  slide quiz at the end of the slide show(or an actual quiz if applicable). Then I have a modified report.html. On that I have a link button that I change for each course to point to a SharePoint survey where the employee checks that es they did view or complete. Little bit of an honors system involved but functional for our purposes.