Sharing a "lesson" I created for K-12 Health.

I wanted to share with you my 1st health lesson that I have created.  I used a variety of new SL features but tried to to not overload students (9th graders) with bells and whistles.

I created this because our online teachers were still having students check out hard-bound textbooks to do readings.  We found in the teacher resources a cd of editable powerpoints with an overview of the same lesson materials.  From there, we created our own script (please excuse my narration...haha!) and I used different images I purchased from iStock and a few from Tom, too!

I'm attaching my story file so if anyone getting started wants to see how I did things.  I'd love any comments or feedback that you may have.

Nutrition During the Teen Years


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Eddie Szilagyi

Hey Laura,

Good job!  Some important material for todays young adults.  (Actually many old adults can use it as well!)

One suggestion:  Change the all of the above in the mutiple drag and drop question to some incorrect answer and tell the user to only drag the corrrect answers to the box below.  I got this incorrect the first time around as I dragged all four of the objects down, since they were all correct.