Sharing a story in on a Squarespace website

Sep 17, 2015

I had a difficult time figuring this out, and though it might be helpful to share what I have learned. 

You can upload a story to Google Drive, and then use a link to Google Drive to share on Squarespace. 

Uploading to Google Drive: When you have completed this, you should have a url for your story that begins with

Once you have the link, go to the Squarespace page where you want to share your story. You can then create a link to your story from either text or an image. If you are linking from text, you just highlight the text and click the link icon. If you link from an image, add the url in the "Clickthrough URL" box.


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Hadim Deputy

I wanted to share about posting your Storyline project link into a Squarespace website. Lu is right, Google drive doesn't store your projects anymore. After getting a Squarespace account, I also got some data storage with Amazon s3 by registering for an account. So far, that's been free. I also downloaded Cloudberry for free. This sounds complicated but Tom Kuhlmann made an excellent video on how to do this: How to Create Amazon S3 Account to Upload Course or Websites. Once on Squarespace, I posted a thumb of my Storyline project as an image, and Squarespace allowed me to write some text underneath it and put in a link to my project. I got the link from Amazon s3. 

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