Sharing Articulate Storyline 2 courses on a Sharepoint based intranet site

Nov 28, 2017

hi everyone

In my department we are trying to set up an Intranet site based on the SharePoint platform.  The issue we are having is that we would like to make our Articulate Storyline 2 courses available to all our users on this SharePoint page.  I've been told that it is possible and that it isn't possible from different sources.  My main issue is I am not a SharePoint or internet site expert and I'm new enough to developing in Storyline but my manager has tasked me with this job. 

So how do I make our courses available through SharePoint in such a way that they click on a link or an icon and the course opens?  If this is not possible, what other way can I make them available, not using an LMS. 

thanks a lot

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Amy McCarthy

Hi Jane,

Are you using Office 365 within your organization?  If so, you should be able to load the content to OneDrive then link to the story.html file.

If you're just using SharePoint, you'll need an online file storage solution that you can load the published files to, then create a link to the story.html file and load it to the Intranet page as a hyperlink.


eric mongrain


we loaded most of our courses to SharePoint for years before we purchased an LMS here is what you need to do:

1. create a Document library I would name it courses

2.  publish your course for web we publish for both flash with HTML5 backup because html5 does not work great in our field locations

3. Place the published course folder in the course folder on SharePoint. 

4. Open the published course folder and find the Story.html file and right click on it to copy short cut.

From here you can send the link or you will have to make another Library but this time it would be  Link Library that would be the front facing page. 

Add the link to the library with a title


Julie Abbott

Okay so here's what I did.  I went to the SharePoint library where my content is stored and changed to classic mode.  Then, I clicked on the library ribbon and selected Open with Explorer.  From that I copied all the files from the articulate storyline folder into my SharePoint folder.  That copied all 100+ files.  From there I selected the story.swf link.  I'm going to paste that link into a links list and make that look like my training library on my SharePoint site so that users don't see all the other files. My only other issue is that embedded hyperlinks in the training aren't working now, so I'll search the site to see if someone has any ideas on how to resolve that.

Connor Devine


I've tried uploading to both onedrive and sharepoint and in both instances, when I add a 'share link' web part, and paste the link in, all that happens is that the html file downloads when I click it afterwards. Even when I try to open the html file that has been downloaded, I just get a 'File not found' screen. Am I going wrong somewhere? 

Any help would be really appreciated

Julie Abbott

Hi Connor,

I should clarify that I use Articulate Storyline 360 and SharePoint on Office 365 so you may have different steps. Here's what I do:
-Once I load the files from the content catalog, I drill in to the .swf file. Not the html file as it doesn't run on SharePoint (at least on my version).

-From there, I copy the URL of that .swf file from the web browser (I don't right click and get a link as those expire after so many days and our third-party users seem to have frequent issues if I do that)
-Once I copy the URL from the web browser I paste it into a links list web part that is surfaced to users on our SharePoint site. This is so they only have the .swf file link and don't see all the other backend files that are needed to run the Articulate Storyline eLearning.
-We also advise users to open the learning in Chrome not IE as they seem to have a better learning experience in Chrome.

I hope this helps.


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