Sharing question banks between stories

I've been searching but coming up short. I am looking for a way to share question banks between 2 or more stories. Is there a way that this can be done without recreating the question bank each time?
We have approximately 12 different lessons, that vary by what is included to some degree. I would rather be able to use the same question banks for 3 lessons than recreate them 4 times.

Thank you

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Virginia,

Have you tried importing from the existing project into another? Personally, I would import the question banks into one main .STORY file. Then, share this file with others that need it for their courses, or keep in on hand for the other courses that may need the same questions. 

These resources may help:

Importing from Another Storyline Project 

Here is a similar thread here as well with other user tips.


I hope this helps! :)