Sharing storyline courses on external LMS


I have created several courses using storyline 360. I found an organisation that would like to train their employees by using my courses. They have an LMS and would like to put my courses on their own LMS.

Two questions:

- how do I make sure that they don't share or sell my courses?

- how do I set an expiry date on the courses? They would like to sign a one year contract so I want to make sure they can't use my courses after one year.


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David Schwartz

Hi Jim,

As to the first issue, if your courses are going on their LMS, I don't see what you can do from a technical perspective to prevent their sharing or selling the courses, but I'd hope you'd have a contract that would explicitly indicate they could not do it. 

On setting an expiry date, you could include a piece of Javascript to compare today's date to the date one year out, and not allow the courses to continue if today's date is later. You'd then have to send them a new version of your courses if they renew the contract.

I'd be inclined to handle it all through the contract.

Jim Lake

Thanks David for your answer. I'm preparing a contract that shoud be robust enough. But yes I thought there might be another option eg. sharing on their LMS but using a cloud base URL instead of the physical file.

I've seen the discussion on this forum with the added javascript. It's too bad it is not an option in the product as it means I will need to republish all courses every year to update the date.