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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karla, you could use something like Dropbox to share project files and assets, but you wouldn't want to both have the same file open at the same time, else it will result in conflicted copies. Probably the best thing to do is each work on separate Storyline files so that you can build out your assigned sections of the course, and then when you are ready to combine the work into one project, you could import the Storyline slides from one file into the other

Karla F

Thanks a lot for your prompt response

I have another question

I´m going thoruhg the tutoriales and I´m finding out that my tool bar is not the same that the one shown in the tutorial, for example animation in the tutorials there´s an icon for animation pane which doesn´t appear on my program, also the view part has a lot of options that I don´t have

Another question, how can I insert a video to my presentation?

Thanks a lot!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karla - can you tell me which tutorials you're seeing that don't match your view? If you're seeing an animation pane in the tutorials, it sounds like the tutorial is actually an Articulate Presenter tutorial (not an Articulate Storyline tutorial). These are two separate products and will have different options.

You are using Articulate Storyline, correct?

Regarding your question about inserting a video - this tutorial shows how to add a video to your Storyline project.

Jacinta Penn

Hi Jeanette, I have the same question but would like a bit more detail to the advice.  Do I just share the .story file?  Do I share the folder which is in My Articulate Projects?

Just to clarify, I have created a project in Articulate Storyline which I am  now handing over to someone else so they can polish it up and finish it etc.  So I need to put the files on a DVD and physically send it (can't use dropbox technology due to security issues).

Ren Gomez

Hi Lissbeth,

Collaboration in Rise and Storyline is a bit different. Let's explore the options in each one!

As mentioned above, I would suggest having each team member work on one section of the Storyline course in separate files. Once each section is complete, share the slides with the whole team. Then, combine all the shared slides into one final project!

Dagmara Brodniewicz

Hello REN,

I have Team version of Storyline 360' lincence. I would like to share some projects with my colleagues who have the simple version of Storyline 360. Can I share with them these projects in my library of shared projects so they can work on it or shall they buy the Team version of Storyline 360 ? I would like then could work directly on projects, modify it, create new elements et not to comment like it is possible in Rise.

Do we have to be in the same enterprise to share and view shared projects ? Or can we buy Team licences separately ?

Thank you.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Dagmara. Happy first post, and good question!

Can I share my Storyline team slides with folks who have an individual Articulate 360 subscription? 

Slides can only be shared with your team, not across multiple teams or individual accounts, so you and your colleagues will need to be part of the same Articulate 360 Teams subscription. Head over to this handy guide to learn more:

Let me know if any more questions pop up. Happy to chat further!