Shift+Tab doesn't cycle backwards through slide objects

Dec 21, 2015

Hi all,

Since you can use Tab to move forward through all slide elements, I thought you could use Shift+Tab to go backwards through that same order. But it looks like I'm wrong!

Could someone confirm that there is no way to move to the previous item in the tab order while using keyboard navigation?

Thanks, all--

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Belen -- thanks for reaching out with your question! I am sure you have already come across this page, but here is the list of available keyboard shortcuts for use in SL2 at this time. If there are additional shortcuts you would like to see potentially in the future, please use this form to submit a Feature Request. 

I will defer to the community to chime in with any other tips or tricks they may be able to share! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Belen -- Please excuse the confusion and thanks for the clarification! I tested 2 files in the SCORM Cloud and I was able to use Tab to progress forward, and then Shift + Tab to cycle backward through the elements on the slide. 

Can you please share a little bit more about your course, how it was published, and where you are testing the published output, please? 

Belen Ferrer

Hi Christie,

The file that wasn't cycling backwards was on my local drive. I just pulled up a couple of files that we've hosted online and Shift+Tab does work to cycle backwards.

I just couldn't find any documentation on the Articulate site confirming that Shift+Tab is supposed to work to cycle backwards. I take it from your post that, yes, I should expect Shift+Tab to work to move backwards through slide elements and I can tell that to my course users.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Belen -- Yes, if everything is functioning properly in the environment where the course is being hosted, Tab + Shift should work properly for your course users. (And when a course is tested on your local drive, not all elements will function the same way they do when in the intended environment, so it's always good to check it out where it will ultimately 'live', as well)! Hope that helps, but please let us know if there is anything more you need. :)

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