Shortcut for "Replace Audio"?

Jun 10, 2020

Is there currently any way to get the Replace Audio command as a shortcut?

I can not see any audio keyboard commands, and unlike "Add Audio" which you can add to the Quick Access Toolbar, it seems you cannot do that with "Replace Audio".

Any ideas? It would increase my productivity hugely when swapping out audio files for translated courses.


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Andrew Hanley

Hi Elizabeth, and thank you so much for such a thorough reply. It was great to see your video.

Unfortunately, it doesnt work for me - but I know why and can explain the problems, however, Im going to try to do it via a little video like you did as that was superb at getting across all the information easily..... now if I can just work out how you made and posted the video! :)

Andrew Hanley

Peak is great! Never used it before and yet within  a few clicks I was able to grab a video and upload it for you. Nice job Articulate! if only Storyline was so friendly ;)

Check out me (and Mads Mikkelsen!) explaining the problem. I hope its not dismissed just because I use multiple monitors, as Im sure alot of other Storyline professionals do so as it greatly improves workflow and UX.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Andrew!

Great video! Peek 360 is definitely a program I use very frequently!

Keyboard shortcuts for the Quick Access Toolbar work when all windows are docked. I'm currently using one monitor and pressing ALT+4 when the timeline is undocked isn't opening the Replace Audio menu.

Next, the Replace Audio feature comes with a drop-down menu which asks you what is the location of the replacement audio.


Replace Audio from File isn't offered as a Quick Access Toolbar addition.

However, I understand how this would impact your workflow! I'd love for you to share this with our team. Here's a link to share a feature request. 

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