Shortcuts to creating closed caption files?

Nov 04, 2020

I already have a complete exact transcript of the narration before I import my audio files into Storyline 3. Does anyone have any tricks for getting this transcript imported easily into closed captions without having to copy/paste sentence by sentence into the editor? Is there a way to approximate in advance so that all I have to do is make adjustments to timing?

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Math Notermans

I assume you have a Word document with the text and one ( or more ) audio files with the audio.

Just checked in AfterEffects if i could manage it...and it seems to if you have a small audio and text...i can do a test..

If that works either you can get the scripts needed...or i will do it for you... ( if not too much work ;-)

Script i use in AE is: textsyncr
It generates layermarkers and textlayers in AfterEffects for audio that has a accompanying textfile. So then you get text layers timed properly ( might need adjustment offcourse ) and when your fine with the endresult in AE with a custom script called 'subtitle_export.jsx' you can export all textlayers from a AE timeline to a srt file.

Adding that file...

Will gladly do a small test...
Kind regards,

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