Show 1 button when another button clicked?

Good Morning!

How do you set up a trigger where clicking one button while simultaneously hide a layer and display another button?

For example: On the attached presentation (slide 1.7), I want to display the "NEXT" button on the base layer slide *after* the user clicks the "X" on the "TB" layer (or however it would work where they would have to visit all 3 layers before moving on).

Not sure if that was possible.

Since there are 3 options, I want the user to click all 3 before having the chance to move to the next slide.

Thank you!

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Kyle Kirkland

Hello Phil!

Thank you for sending this to me.

Unfortunately, I do not have the right program to open this file.

There are multiple files/folders, but I cannot find any articulate files to open/preview. Most are.xml files with just text.

Is there a word doc or link to a video you can send about this topic?

Thank you again!