Show a Layer if.........

Hi Guys,

Newbie Chris here again. Just wanting to know how I can show a layer "Oh No" if they try to progress to the next slide (clicking the next button) and not all of my 7 buttons have been selected/viewed. Do I have my buttons with a trigger to state they are disabled when visited or selected, and how do I tell my "Oh No" layer to show if they aren't. I currently have this trigger (disabled) on main layer and an additional trigger on my "Oh No layer", plus my change state trigger of my next button. TIA

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Judy Nollet

From a user's perspective, I'd rather see the NEXT button in a Disabled state if it's not going to work until I complete an interaction. In other words, it shouldn't look like it will go to the next slide if it won't. 

Here's a post about different ways to control the NEXT button.