Show button Down state before jumping

Hi, maybe this is a newbie question, but here goes.  I've created a button, using my own graphic.  It's part of a navigation menu where each button takes the viewer to a completely new scene.  I have only 2 states for the button, Normal and Down.  I have a trigger on the button for the jump to the scene, but it happens too quickly.  I would like to see the button Down state first before it jumps to the selected scene or slide.   I was hoping that a trigger for state change would do it, but not so.  How can I do this?

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Michael Hinze

Maybe I misunderstand the issue, but when you click the button and hold the mouse button down, don't you see the button's down state? Normal button behaviour is that the button's down state is displayed as long as the mouse is over a button and the mouse button is pressed. Do you want something else?