Show button from hidden state when audio ends

Sep 05, 2013


I'm new to Storyline - I have audio on each of my slides, and have a made a Continue button that I want to show when the audio ends. I made the initial state of the button hidden, and I did "when timeline ends" to bring the button state back to Normal state.

However, when I preview, the button never shows. Can you help? Thanks so much!

-Stephanie Mahoney

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Michael Hinze

Stephanie, you probably just attached the trigger to some object and not to the slide layer. Here are two options to show  the Continue button; one when the timeline ends and the second when the media (audio) completes. I left the seekbar visible, so that you can see the slight difference between both options.

Michael Hinze
Therese Michael

Michael: I always follow your responses and find them very helpful, however, I cannot open your attachment. none of your attachment opens in my PC although I've SL. Any idea?

Hm, I just tried to download (using Chrome) and open the file I had attached earlier. It worked for me. It's a SL1 .story file that I was able to open in both SL1 and 2. Not sure what the problem may be.

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