Show completion status if tracking by slide views

We are setting the course to track completion by slide views. Is it possible for a final slide to come up that tells the user whether they have completed the course or not (in other words, have they viewed a sufficient number of slides for completion)? Right now, when they get to the end of the course, they have to go back to their "Training" page in the LMS to see if they have completed the course.

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Doug Thompson

To clarify, we are saying that the user has to view any 15 of the 30 slides in the course. So our preferred solution would be to have a message come up on the last slide that either says, "You have viewed enough slides to complete this module" or "You have not viewed enough slides to complete this module.

Emily Ruby

Hi Lou!

You can add a final slide that appears to let the user know if they have  completed enough slides, however if this is a final slide, would they have had to view all prior 30 slides to get there?

Or are you using a free navigation? If it is a free navigation, you could set a variable to count and keep track of the number of slides viewed. Then on a final slide,  possibly set layers of either "not enough viewed" text or "enough viewed" text based on the count of the variable.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lou!

I have attached a file with a very basic set up. This one would be tracking 3 slides for completion. I added a variable called Page count, and each slide adds 1 to this variable. If you only click 2 slides, then jump to the Final Slide (by the menu) the Did not view enough will appear. If you go back and click on any other slides, then go back to the final, the Did view enough information will appear.

You can see how this is achieved by the triggers on the final slide.

Hope this helps!