Show correct answer automatically in a quiz

There are several ways to provide feedback on the answers given at a quiz but I haven’t found one that fit my needs.

I’m working with two layers, one for the correct answer and one for the wrong answer. On each layer I would like to provide the correct answer automatically as follow:

Layer for correct answers:
Good! "X" is the correct answer!

Layer for incorrect answers:
Sorry! The correct answer is "X"!

My quiz contains 80 questions and it’s a lot of work to give every single question its own feedback with its own answer “X”. Therefor I want to automate this if it’s possible, like a kind of template.

In my case “X” is given as the correct answer in Storyline quiz. Is there any way to retrieve this and print it out on my feedback layers?

I’m thinking … maybe a variable or a reference?

Storyline must keep track which answer is correct or wrong, so what I would like to do is to get this information and simply print it out.


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Peter Mattsson

I'm using the built in question types: "Fill in the blanks", "Drag and drop" and "Multiple choice".

Even if I use a feedback layer I can't get it right ...

I want "X" to be written out no matter what question I use.