Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing quiz

I created 5 questions (pick many, pick one, text entry) using the a free form quiz. I have also enabled the review quiz option.  

The Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing quiz box IS checked, but when reviewing the quiz, the correct/incorrect responses do not display.   

Only one of the five quiz types that displays the correct answer is text entry interaction quiz. 

Any suggestions?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathy and welcome to Heroes! 

When reviewing the quiz, what do you see on each question slide? If there are no answers selected, it's possible the slide properties have been set to "reset to initial state" and therefore wiping out your answers on the review. I just tested it on my own pick many and pick one quiz questions and I saw the review banner. If you'd like to see an indication of which one was correct or incorrect, you could add the "Post Quiz Review" layer to indicate that. This tutorial should get you started. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kathy,

2 possibilities

1. Has someone removed the checkmark from this box? It's accessed by clicking the Edit Results Slide button (in the right-hand panel). Then, inside the Results Slides Properties dialog box, click options on the left.

Or, could your image be obscuring the checkmarks?

Cheryl Phelps

I have a question similar to this topic. When using the free form pick one quiz, during the quiz review the banner that should show correct/incorrect always appears as incorrect. I added a true/false slide and the banner appears on the review with the accurate slide result. If correct then the banner shows "correct", if incorrect it will show "incorrect". 

I reviewed the slides and have the correct answers marked, during the quiz the correct layer appears identifying if the answer is right or wrong. This is only happening on the review quiz. 

Is there a way to resolve this?