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Feb 01, 2014

Hi everyone! 

I've got a drag and drop interaction that I've created by converting a slide to freeform. Everything seems to be behaving as expected, and I've set the drag objects to snap back if not dropped on the correct target. I've set the feedback for the interaction to "By Question" (see image below), but the feedback layer is not displaying automatically. 

What I want to do is set the interaction up so that when all three drag objects are dropped on the correct targets, the feedback layer appears automatically (without the use of a submit button). 

Is this possible? If so, how do I set this up? 


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Steve Flowers

Hi Matthew,

A few ways to do this. I've attached a file that illustrates one method. For this method, I unchecked "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted". This allows me to add a Drop Correct state to each of the dragged objects. I added a graphic to these but you don't have to. It can be the same as the normal state.

Next, I changed the trigger for submitting the interaction to be when the state of all of my dragged objects are Drop Correct. And now you have an interaction that shows the correct layer and submits the interaction when all of the objects are in the correct spots!  You may want to add another state to each object for Drop Incorrect. This way if someone gets it right once, it'll reset and not show correct when it's not supposed to if folks are experimenting.

Steve Flowers

OK. You can use the method in the example above if you add the state to one of the objects in your group. Only needs to be added to one object for each group. Since all objects in a group receive the same events (when dropped correct, clicked, etc..) we can still track the state of one of the objects in the group.

Jack Hyland

Hi Steve, 

I've been trying to replicate what you've done  (attached) but when I try to change the  trigger for submitting the interaction to be when the state of all of my dragged objects are Drop Correct, I get an error message saying "flagged objects do not have the selected state". I can't see how what I'm doing is different from yours. Any ideas? 

EDIT: I've since figured this out myself. I needed to edit the individual states of the objects as per this tutorial -

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