Show drop correct state only after hitting submit button

Jul 02, 2018


Is it possible to show the drop correct state after hitting the submit button? I've  colored the drop correct state green and when you drop the question on the correct answer it will immediately turn green but I don't want that because it makes the decisions for the remaining question too easy.

In the attachment the slide with the green drop correct state is on the first slide

Thank you.


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Maeghan Savage

I'm having this issue as well. I have the delay box checked but it's triggering the Drop Correct state once the learner drops the object on the target even if they move it to an incorrect target before they submit.

For some context, we have a variable set up and triggers to add value to the variable for each correct drag and drop response. The triggers are based on the objects being in the Drop Correct state. The value is being added if the user drops the object on the correct target even if they move the object to a different target before they submit the freeform drag and drop. 

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