Show email id in certificate from LMS


How to get email id from lms.

In moodle - add user field- i registered student name , password, and email id for login credentials.

In lms -

In my course what login credentials logged, 

finally i have the certificate page. it includes "Learners name","Date","Score","email-id".

"Learners name" - I using the lmsAPI.GetStudentName();

"Score" - I using the lmsAPI.GetScore();

Date - i create the datestring

email-id --  I don't know how to get, any attributes?

Please guide me.


developed: Scorm 2004 , storyline 2.







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venkatesan v


Thanks for Reply.

lmsAPI.GetStudentID() -   I Got only the username.  Actually My courses certificate page need to show email id . what i registered the email address in moodle.

Because of so many users and  different email id.

Please find the attachment and guide me with any screenshot or sample.


See how I got stuck.


Matthew Bibby

No, not really. If you want to grab the email address from the LMS then the email address must also be used as the StudentID. You could speak with your LMS administrator to see if they can transition from using usernames to using an email address, but I suspect that isn't an easy change and has a number of wider implications.

Sorry that there isn't an easy solution Venkatesan.