Show/Hide an object based on variables

I have a main "hub" slide that has four buttons--each one taking the learner down a short path of slides. At the end of each path, there is an onscreen next button that takes the learner back to the main hub slide. This "end of path" next button also changes a variable value from false to true.  What I am trying to do is ensure that the learner selects each of the four buttons on the hub--to visit all four paths-in any particular order. Once this happens, I want to show an on-screen "continue" button on the main hub slide (after all four paths have been visited). (all four variables = true).

I have a normal state and a hidden state for this continue button object.

I have this continue button hidden (showing hidden state) when the time line starts but am unsure how to make it show the normal state of this object.  What would the trigger look like? 

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Julie Jones

Ok so 2 triggers then? 1 to hide when timeline starts, then a second to show it if all variables are true?

This has not worked for me so far. I am used to the If, then,else options--and doing it all in one action. Shouldn't there be some condition on the hide trigger to allow the all trues to override it?