Show/Hide Instruction Layer

I am pretty new to Articulate 360 and building my first real course.  I have a slide that I would like to show the "Click Tabs" instructions when the slide starts and completes at a select time (cue point?) and not show up again.  I have four tabs that are working, but when I click off/visit the tab the "Click Tabs" instruction keeps returning. How do I get the "Click Here" layer to hide during the tab interaction and the rest of the slide duration? I have tried several different methods but not successful.  Thanks for any assist.

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David Schwartz

Here's one way to do it. There are several ways you could. The instructions text is set to an initial state of hidden. I used a variable that is incremented by 1 every time the screen is viewed, and then set a trigger that changed the instructions text box state to visible only if the variable is less than 2. 

Because the tabs in my example are layers, I have triggers to hide the instructions when the user opens any of them.

You'll also see that the instructions text does not go to the end of the timeline, so it fades out after 10 seconds sitting on the screen. There are other ways to do that, like with a trigger.