show/hide layers on all slides

So.... I've finished authoring a 90-slide e-learning project, published it and posted it to a test site, only to find that I left a few objects turned off (show/hide)on some slides.  Would be nice if... Storyline 2 had a single button to check when publishing to display all objects in the project.  A nice place for this check box would be in the publishing utility. Would save me a lot of time having to go back and open each slide's timeline and layers to check that all objects are (show/hide) on.


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Luke Heathershaw

I was just about to post the same suggestion but found that it had already been requested. 

This would be a very handy feature. I spend so much time making sure that all slides/layers have every object un-hidden before would be great to have a button that un-hides everything when you go to the publish settings. 

Would it be possible to look into getting this put in?