Show layer for incomplete drag and drop


I am making a bespoke drag and drop and need a way to show my  layer for incomplete question. What I have is an image that I want to have users label and I have used a text for the labels and an outlined rectangle for the drop area. I have set up triggers for correct and incorrect with feedback layers showing for each but I want to be able to show a layer when it has not been fully labeled. 

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Sagar Mavale

Hi Tom,

There are some more ways to achive what you want. You can keep submit button disable until user drop all the dragable items in boxes. But the set up in the attached file and the way I discussed here, has one limitation. If user drops the item in the box and again remove it, then the Submit is will remains enable.

If you are ok with that it might be useful. If you dont want to make like that you can reset the respective variable when the dragable item is removed from the box.