Show layer in drag and drop activity

I'm creating a flashlight scene where the user explores a space using a flashlight effect.  I would like the user to find certain areas in the scene, and when they see one of significance, they can click it to open up a new layer.  I'm having a hard time making this work.  The flashlight and spotlight are grouped, and that group is the drag/drop item.  I have tried this with the hotspots above the group and beneath the group.  Also tried to trigger the layer with just a hover over from the flashlight.  But nothing seems to be working.  Any ideas?

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Nikki Semmelroth

I wasn't aware of this, rather, I'm not quite sure what you're asking.  Can I give the flashlight/spotlight group drag/drop qualities without the drag/drop format?

I am currently not using the built in drag/drop for anything as far as feedback.  I have all my own layers and triggers.

Donna Morvan

Ok.. so please disregard the graphics since this is obviously just focused on the functionality.

First off, I worked with the assumption that you already have your "flashlight effect" down so I didn't touch on that.

SLIDE 1: Click

1. I grouped 2 items to represent your flashlight and spotlight effect (random icon + oval).

2. Create the hotspots where you have your "significant items".

2. I added a trigger to "show a layer when the group is dropped on the hotspots created." --- Note that it's not set to show any layer, I just wanted to add the drag/drop qualities that's why I did this. Technically, you can also use the "drag over" but this will not snap the image onto place so it depends on your preference.

3. When you click on the hotspot over your significant item then it should show the layer.

4. I also added the hotspot over the slide layers so they can click out of it and go back to the base layer.


Same with the previous one.. just thought I might show you what it looks when you use hover instead.

Is this kind of what you want to achieve? I may be wrong. Eitherway, I hope this helps and let me know if this is not what you had in mind.



Nikki Semmelroth

How do you give that object drag/drop properties(in this case, my flashlight group)?  I get that you can add your own triggers to a drag and drop freeform slide, but I don't  understand how you can give an object the drag/drop qualities without using the drag/drop format. I hope this is making sense!

Donna Morvan

Hello Nikki,

Check the example and let me know if that's what you had in mind.. I didn't work on the "flashlight effect" though.

To answer your question quickly, I just placed an "incomplete trigger" to the group item. In this case.. to show a layer when they are dropped on the hotspot --- layer was not specified, thus incomplete but you now have the drag/drop qualities. (By drag/drop qualities, i mean.. you can drag and drop it to the hotspots)

Hope this clarifies it.

Nikki Semmelroth

Yes, I've done this type of slide before, but I think your example doesn't exemplify the problem because it doesn't have the flashlight effect.  The problem with this is that my doughnut shape (the blocker) has to be large enough to cover every point of the screen at all times, which means it is always over every hotspot.  Also, I'd rather not have the flashlight snap back into any position, as that tends to feel really mechanical and not as elegant as being able to freely drag the object around the room.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


Any chance you could upload that slide for the community to take a look? Not sure exactly what's going in in your file. I was able to group two objects and create a trigger to the group so that when the group was dropped on a target a new layer appeared. But, I didn't have any hotspots going on and, again, I'm not sure what all's happening on your slide. Someone may be able to point you in the right direction.