Show layer when returning to base layer and all markers have been visited

Jun 11, 2019

I want to show a layer upon returning/revisiting the base layer but only after all markers have been visited. The scenario would be: when returning to base layer from another layer in the same slide, if all markers have been visited, then show layer "X".

I have attached a simple example. I want for the layer labeled home to show only after I return from viewing the other layers that were triggered from the markers which will now be in a visited state. Is this possible?

Thank you

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Ron Price

Glad to hear it.  The timeline approach is great when you are starting a slide over.  For the sample you had created where you are showing layers, then keep in mind that the timeline option does not work, because you are just hiding layers, not jumping to a slide.  When hiding layers, the timeline of the base slide does not start over.

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