Show layer when user clicks outside of.... not working as expected

I have the same issue appearing on several software simulation slides.  The user are asked to click in a particular field where they input a price.  Then they can hit Enter on the keyboard or click a button to submit that price.

I have a help layer that will pop up if they submit the incorrect price.  I would also like this layer to appear if they click in the wrong pricing field.  I tried to accomplish this using the following logic:

Action:     Show layer

Layer:      Try Again

When:      User clicks outside

     -  Hotspot 1

     -  Text Entry

The logic works correctly for Hotspot 1.  But when I click in the Data Entry Field I get the Try Again layer even though it should stay suppressed (this is the problem I need to solve).  A sample file showing the issue in the first slide has been included.  The Try Again layer includes the instructions of what the user is asked to do.

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Tim Hillier


I played for a couple of minutes and here is my theory.  The logic says out side of hotspot 1 OR text entry so if it is outside of either it should show the incorrect layer.  My thought to get around the OR/And issue would be to put another hotspot behind these two areas that covers the whole screen  then you could have a trigger that if that hotspot is clicked to show your incorrect layer.