Show layer when variable "Menu" is equal to true?

Jan 11, 2013

Hi all,

Is there away to achieve the above trigger? I want a layer on my menu slide to open when the variable "Menu" is set to true. I have the variable "Menu" set to true when they first navigate away from the Menu (trigger is on a new slide).  When the users go back to the main menu the variable is now set to true, but the new layer does not show. I assume this is because variable is not "adjusting" on this slide. Is there anyway use variables without having the adjust on a specific slide.



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Ian Monk

I don't have any triggers set up at the moment because I'm not sure the triggers I am looking for exist. I'll try to explain again.

Basically, I want the main menu of my tutorial to display differently depending how far users have got within that specific tutorial. I was hoping to achieve this using different layers and variables. 

For example:

The variable "Menu" has a default value of "False".

When the user click the first slide, the variable "Menu" changes to True.

If the user navigates back to the main menu, the variable is now set to True and they should now see the next layer on the slide (which is actually a different variation of the main menu).

Is that anymore clear? 



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