Show only items previously selected

This is a slight variation on my previous question which can be solved if I can do this...

Is there a way of showing items that have been previously selected? i.e. on one slide the user selects 9 out of 19 objects (user choice so can be any 9) - can I then show them on the next sldie just the 9 they have selected without having to have them all on there? I can do it with states and variables but I have only managed it by showing all 19 but changing the states of the ones they haven't selected to disabled or hidden, but that makes the slide look a bit strange with random blank spaces. So can I just bring through the 9 objects selected?


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Jacob  Selin

I havent tried this but i thought of this. 

On slide on you got the 19 objects. When the user choose them they trigger a variable. 

On slide 2 you choose the 9 object that have the variable = true or selected or whatever you call it. 

The solution to place the object is that unselected states are outside the slide. And selected nicely arranged on the slide. 

Hmm, might be holes anyway. 

Kate Robertson

Thanks Jacob. I couldn't work out how to move unselected objects out of the area, but I have made something work with the attached. Basically all 19 objects are on top of each other in the second slide in a disabled state (and I made the disabled state nothing for each object). They change to normal if they are selected on the previous slide. So only those selected show up. It works for what I am trying to do anyway!