Show reminder to visit all shapes layer Storyline 3

I am trying to have a layer pop up if the learner clicks the next button before I want him to. The player next button is disabled until the learner clicks on all screen problem. But, I want a reminder layer to appear if he clicks the next button before clicking all the shapes. This is what isn't working. I have a variable for the slide being complete set at false and a trigger to change it to true only if all shapes are visited. Then I have a trigger to show the "click all buttons" layer if the slide complete variable is false. Nothing. Can anyone help. The file is attached. 

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Lynn Hauser

OMG. I looked at that slide for 20 minutes and never noticed that. I guess I just needed a fresh set of eyes to see that. Is there a way to get that layer to pop up if the learner clicks next without clicking any of the shapes. Right now it only pops up after one of the shapes is clicked. Thanks. Michael.

Michael Kauzlarich

That is odd. To be sure I downloaded the original above and only changed the trigger to hide the layer when the timeline ends and that layer will show when I hit the next button no matter what ( unless I have already visited Document, identify, and Review/Consult). Maybe I'm not understanding fully or there is something different between our systems. I'm using Storyline 360, maybe that is different than Storyline 3?