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Feb 28, 2013

Does anyone know if there is a way to hide the seekbar on the base layer of the slide and only make it visible on one layer of the slide. I have a video on one layer and only want the seekbar to appear on the video slide layer and not the base layer or other layers in the slide. 



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Whitney,

I don't believe you'll be able to do this with the built-in seekbar. However, what you could do is either mimic the appearance of a seekbar on that layer, or make some custom buttons with pause/play triggers that can control the content on that layer. 

I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but he upside of creating your own custom bar or buttons is that you'll be able to ensure they fit in with your design. 

Good luck with the project, Whitney! 

Steve Covello

Emily - Based on what you've described, if I set the seekbar enabled on the base layer using the custom settings, I should be able to turn off seeking in upper layers and then NOT see the seekbar when upper layers appear.

I have turned off seeking in all the upper layers, but they still show in Preview mode.

What am I doing wrong?

Emily Ruby

Hi Steve,

You can turn off the seeking in the layers, but the seekbar will still show. This is set in the Player options. If you go into layer settings, and pause the base layer, you will see the seekbar stop when a layer is shown.

When you turn off seeking, it just means that the seekbar will not restart when a layer is shown. If you allow seeking per layer, the seekbar will restart for each layer, and when you go back to the base layer, it will pick up where it left off. 

Hope this helps!

Steve Covello

Thanks, Emily. Unfortunately, that's not the user experience I need. I prefer to have the seekbar off when there is nothing to seek through. Mostly, the base layer has a voiceover, but the upper layers tied to interaction do not.

In one exception, I have a base layer with a voiceover, a series of silent upper layers tied to interaction, and then a final upper layer serving as a summary of the user's interaction (they go through 7 scenarios and rate a level of risk). Once their interaction is done, there is a voiceover that elaborates upon their results.

Ideally, I would do these as separate slides, but I would like to retain the users' evaluation scores as they are while the recap summary is playing (there are graphics that hilite their selections). Seems like I could carry this forward into the next slide too by repeating the variable references, but this seems like a LOT of extra work and introduces more moving parts that could go wrong.

Should I do a feature request?

Christa Novelli

I, essentially, need the opposite of the original request, but it looks like that is not an option either. I have a few layers on a slide. The slide itself and most of the layers need the seekbar as they all have separate audio.

However, I have one layer that pops up if the user tries to hit NEXT without having viewed all of the other layers. It has no audio. See the screenshot for a mock up of the layer. It tells the user to view all other layers before clicking NEXT. 

I have the actions on the base layer set where this 'click all icons' layer pops up if they hit NEXT before viewing all other layers. If the other layers are in visited state, the NEXT button works to advance the slide.

I don't want the seekbar on this 'click all icons' layer. I gather that there is no way to remove the seekbar from one layer only on a slide. 

Steve Covello

Christa - Why not set the NEXT button to a default Hidden state and set it to change state to Normal when all of the layer triggering items items are Visited?

  • Set trigger: Change state of NEXT to Hidden when timeline starts. Make sure this is at the top of your trigger panel to prioritize it.
  • Make sure buttons that trigger layer displays have a Visited state.
  • Set trigger: Change state of NEXT to Normal when state of ALL [ buttons ] is Visited.

See if that works. You won't even need an alert layer or alert text box because the NEXT button simply won't activate unless the requisite clicks are completed. You should, however, include a text box someplace on the base layer with "Click on all items to continue" or something like that.

Onoda Sakamichi

To hide the seekbar on individual layers, insert a trigger to execute JavaScript and enter this single line of code:


You will need to enter the same code, but change .hide(); to .show(); on layers, including the base layer, where you want the seekbar to display.


Please note this works only with HTML5 output, not Flash.

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